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I'm a 23-year-old Computer Science graduate whose turned his hobby into a career. I started doing erotic art (RE: porn) at the ripe age of 18, during my freshman year of university. I had already been making models, comics, and posters in the Source engine for about 5 years prior (starting at around 13 years old), but they were all "family safe" things - comedies and military-related things mostly.

I came into Source Filmmaker with absolutely no animation experience at all, and now, five years later... Well, judge for yourself. After all, that's what the page is for.


I make porn. Obviously. But the porn I make is fairly unique in the scene - at least, in my opinion. I put focus on trying to make my motions as realistic and "grounded" as possible, even as they tackle unrealistic things such as aliens or monsters. I focus on telling a story, both in words, but also visually: through expressions, lighting, and the scene itself. To me, porn is boring in a vacuum: context is what makes porn interesting. Any two people can bang, big deal - but a CEO banging her secretary? That's something new.

But most importantly to me, I focus on female pleasure. For me, there is nothing hotter than a woman completely washed away in pleasure. Don't mistake that for saying that I make slow, gentle, softcore porn, though: in my little world, the women *LOVE* getting fucked fast, hard, and by more cock than they know what to do with. Women being pleasured is the goal of my work, and in my work, the only way to please these women is to fuck them silly. If you share my view on eroticism, then I hope you will enjoy my work.


If I were to summarize my attitude toward writing porn stories in three words, they would be as such: porn is absurd.

More succinctly, porn stories are by their very nature grander than life, especially porn stories of characters that have been established as being overtly non-sexual. They require a string of assumptions and stretches of canon and imagination to justify themselves, and then it is often the case that no amount of stretching and bending can fully justify the actions: the story requires a leap of faith in accepting. This is what I mean when I say "porn is absurd".

As such, I feel that porn should acknowledge its absurdity. That isn't to say it needs to be off-the-walls zany (though off-the-walls zany is always fun), but being completely grimdark dead-pan serious the entire time comes across as painfully try-hard and cringe-inducingly ludicrous to me. As such, my writing for shorts (such as Doctor Feelgood, or More Than Just a Bounty-Hunter) tends to be campy, happy-go-lucky and entirely self-aware. This is for two reasons: firstly, the shorts tend to be focused more on the performance than the writing, and so I use the campiness as a platform for a wider range of performance than a serious production could provide in such a short time-span; and secondly, their short lengths make it obtuse for me to write a fully contained story, and so I tend to eschew any efforts to firmly ground the piece in favor of the "Fuck it, let's have sex!" mentality of writing.

Longer productions, such as full films or series, don't suffer from these constraints, and as such, I tend to dial the campiness down significantly. Instead of making the characters self-aware and happy-go-lucky as a means of acknowledging absurdity, I instead let the scenario unfold in a more organic way that is in itself as absurd as the premise of the porn itself. As a brief example, the premise of Hiveship is Samus Aran getting fucked silly by tentacles. To approach the absurdity required for that premise to take place, I have to establish a few things. To get Samus out of her armor, I introduce the idea that the alien ship is susceptible to Chozo technology - her armor would alert the ship, which is counter to her objectives of infiltrating the ship and leaving it still inert. To introduce Samus' interest in the tentacles, I introduce contact-induced flashbacks of Samus masturbating to tentacle porn. To explain why the tentacles would want to fuck Samus in the first place, I bring in the concept that the tentacles are effectively "service drones", whose only purpose is to maximize the happiness of their masters. Bring it all together and throw in a splash of telepathy for the tentacles, combined with Samus being the only organism on the ship making her their de facto master, and the tentacles find themselves happily fucking Samus silly, fulfilling a powerful fantasy of hers. In this way, I acknowledge the absurdity of the situation in an organic and natural way. The premise of Samus being armorless in an alien ship getting fucked silly by tentacles and loving it is absolutely ludicrous - but through the narrative, I was able to make exactly that happen in a way that makes sense within the universe and confines of logic - provided you don't think too hard on it, of course. In this way, I acknowledge the absurdity of the premise subtly, by gradually nudging into it.

As a result of this, my writing has two modes: Short mode, which tends to be campy and self-aware and doesn't try to justify itself; and long mode, which focuses much more on using narrative devices to justify itself within the established canon.

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WARNING:Many of these animations have sound! Please make sure you're in a position where having sound play in porn clips will not compromise you.

Voiced Works

Canine Fantasy I: Wilderness (INVOLVES ANIMALS) - Voiced by MissPoppy - Lulu teases her wolf lover into eagerly mounting her and working her pussy till he knots and cums inside her.

More Than Just a Bounty Hunter - Voiced by Pawsywasy - The feared and respected bounty hunter Samus Aran showing off her naughty side, entirely through words and lewd gestures.

Doctor Feelgood - Voiced by VoiceLikeCandy - Field medic Rebecca Chamber has the best bedside manner, and your comfort is her number one priority!

Long Works

Harlequin Experiment - Rumor states there is an experimental serum that allows organs to stretch indefinitely. Harley volunteers to test it out - with her pussy.

War Is Our Imperative - Samus casually giving head to the POV commander on the bridge, in the midst of an intense space battle!

Celebration - An excited Elizabeth eagerly sucking two hard cocks and exclaiming about how much fun it is!

Noble Desires - Dark-elf queen Nualia getting a double helping of human!

One in the Oven - Elizabeth gets her pussy pummelled before getting a nice, sloppy creampie


Party Favors - Elizabeth loves going to Rapture parties, because it means plenty of rich, young men more than willing to fuck her face.

The Back Room - Moxxi knows that a happy customer is a returning customer, and so regularly takes them into the backroom to... entertain them.

Overtime - Elizabeth knows that working overtime sucks, but she makes it up to her employees by showing them that she sucks, too!

Elizabeth Anal - Sometimes a girl just needs a good butt-stuffing!

Catgirl Girlfriend - Voiced by VoiceLikeCandy - Elizabeth takes the catgirl thing to the extreme, trotting around the house all day in catears and cattail, and randomly pouncing her fiancee and licking his face.

Booker DeLick - Booker eating out Elizabeth aboard the airship - he knows she likes it

Burial in Pussy - Elizabeth sitting on Booker's face - she knows he likes it.

Valuable Asset - Miranda is a very valuable asset to the Normandy crew - and she is more than willing to let the crew utilize her assets!

Escalation - Black magic and insatiable needs are a potent combination, especially when mortal cock is no longer enough to satisfy you!

Morning Fuck - Elizabeth likes to wake up in the morning with a gentle, passionate dicking.

Fuck Studying! - Schoolgirl Elizabeth gets perfect marks without ever studying. Her secret? Bouncing back and forth, balls-deep, on her professors in saucy spitroasts!

Cerberus Slut - The Illusive Man always wondered how Miranda maintained such a loyal cabal of followers. Turns out, it's because she offers to let them trainbang her ass every Tuesday night.

Hyrulean Conqueror - Eager dark-elf queen Nualia bouncing her purple butt on an unimpressed Zelda's plastic cock

Suit Upgrade - Samus finally got the most-requested upgrade to her suit installed, and is putting it to use!

Sucking Up To Your Superiors - Student Liz sucking on BAS Liz's breast, while BAS Liz strokes her hair like a good girl.

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All voice-acting is paid. These are not gratis roles.

I have been doing short, looping animations for about 5 years now, and I am ready to move on. I am a storyteller, and there are many stories that I want to tell - and maybe you can help me tell them! If you are interested in voicing a particular character, please don't hesitate to shoot me an email at lordaardvark@outlook.com. We can discuss what you're looking for and any questions you might have, and then we can work out a project to work on together.

If you're not sure you have what it takes, or you're not sure you're "good enough" to voice a certain character, allow me to help allay any such concerns, by showing off some samples of previous voice projects I have done. What I want to make perfectly clear is that I am not looking for a "perfect" match - a voice actress being interested, comfortable, and having fun is much more important to me than a carbon-copy of a voice!


  • Rebecca Chambers (Resident Evil):

    • Original (Stephanie Sheh):
    • Ero Voice (VoiceLikeCandy):
  • Samus Aran (Metroid Prime):

    • Original (Jennifer Hale):
    • Ero Voice (Pawsywasy):
  • Lulu (Final Fantasy X):

    • Original (Paula Tiso):
    • Ero Voice (MissPoppy):


As the samples above suggest, being incredibly close is not a high priority to me. As long as the pitch & timbre are about right (high voices for high-voiced characters, low voices for low-voiced characters, etc) and the mannerisms and accents are comparable (thick German accents for American characters don't work well, but something like Poppy's Spanish accent works well enough for Lulu), then I am more than perfectly happy with the fit - and my audience by and large are as well. Here is a brief list of the major things I am looking for, in the order of importance to me. Note you don't need them all, but the more, the merrier!

  1. Pitch & timbre roughly matching character
  2. Mannerisms and accent roughly matching character
  3. Decent-quality recording (either a good noise-cancelling microphone, or the cheaper alternative of using a program like Audacity to remove noise from recordings)
  4. Comfortable with voicing traditional boy/girl scenes involving oral, anal, and vaginal sex
  5. Willing to moan, grunt, pant, and make other such lewd sexy noises
  6. Willing to record lewd lines with vulgar & sexual words, dirty talk, etc
  7. Willing to make oral sounds, such as sucking
  8. Comfortable with voicing classic fetishes, such as lesbian sex, group sex / gangbangs, light bondage play, dominance & submission, rough oral sex, and rough penetration
  9. Willing to make more extreme oral sounds, such as face-fucking, gagging, and choking (NSFW video w/ sound warning) is EXTREMELY desirable, but NOT REQUIRED
  10. Comfortable with voicing more extreme fetishes, such as monsters, tentacles, and bestiality

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These are character voices that I am actively searching for, because I have publicly announced projects with them. As such, these are the characters I am more interested in finding voices for than anyone else. So if you think you could possibly fit any of these characters, please send me an email at lordaardvark@outlook.com, right away!

  • Jack / Subject Zero (Mass Effect):

    • Original (Courtenay Taylor):
  • Liara T'Soni (Mass Effect):

    • Original (Ali Hillis):


These are characters whom I have interest in finding voices for, but I am not actively pursuing. The required voices above are a higher priority to me, but I will certainly be willing to listen to auditions for these characters as well. Just know that it might be a while before I can put together a project for us to work together on. Forgive the sparseness of this section - it is still under construction, and putting together all of these samples takes a while

  • Elizabeth (Bioshock: Infinite)
  • Jill (Resident Evil 5)
  • Mad Moxxi (Borderlands 2)
  • Rachel (Ninja Gaiden)

Have a character in mind, but not listed here? Audition for them anyways!


If you are interested in trying out for a character, then please don't hesitate to send an email to me at lordaardvark@outlook.com. To make things as smooth as possible, please try to include the following:

  1. The name of the character you are interested in.
  2. A recorded sample of you performing lines from the character. Doesn't need to be a long sample, or expansive - just enough so I can see how well your voice and mannerisms fit the character.
  3. A link so I can listen to the original lines you are performing, so I can quickly and easily compare your recording to it.
  4. Any reservations, concerns, or questions you have. Reservations can be related to the list of things I am looking for (EX: "I'm not comfortable voicing bestiality things"), and concerns and questions can be about anything.
  5. Any ideas for the character you particularly like the sound of, be them just abstract ideas (EG: "I'd like to voice Jill in submissive bondage play"), or more thoroughly fleshed out ideas ("So I was thinking Mad Moxxi is in a bit of a rut with her bar, and decides that she needs to make some extra money..."). Note that it's perfectly okay if you don't have any ideas for the character.

I will try to get back to you within 24 hours of receiving your email, and will let you know my thoughts on your submission within 48 hours. Note that I might ask you to go through a second or third recording, with some correcting suggestions, if I feel that you are close to the character but could get closer. If you suggested any ideas, then we will certainly discuss them for a project; if not, then I will attempt to engage a bit of a conversation to determine what kind of project we could do with your voicing the character.

We will also discuss compensation rates, and find a number that is both fair and generous.

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